Our mission is to be the premier private equity firm focusing on investment projects in Eastern European countries. Founded in 2005 in Switzerland by an Austrian and a German, ARALON leverages its ties to these countries to launch projects and grow businesses in “early stage” Eastern European countries on the verge of accelerated economic growth. The aim is to achieve extraordinary returns that outstrip those earned through public stock markets.

Through its investments, ARALON seeks to foster growth in emerging Eastern European countries, and thereby build Europe as a whole.

Everyone at ARALON is committed to contributing to this historic opportunity.

Thus, the company motto . . . ARALON – Growing Europe!Achieving this requires…

Direct Involvement
We invest directly, not through third parties. We are not a holding company that pays dividends. Each investment is an individual project, independently managed and financed, with its own distinct entry and exit points.

Rigorously Applied Processes and Standards
After launching a project using our strict selection criteria, we stay closely involved on site, working alongside project managers and key personnel to realise the full potential of the investment. The objective is to instil a discipline that translates into predictable and superior performance.

Expertise of the Market and Local Networks
We understand the way to do business in emerging markets and the need for local networks. Speed is of the essence, and being able to act fast is only possible when you have the market expertise and networks as we do: knowing the region, knowing about competing investment options, knowing how to control the risk.

Long-term Partnership with our Investors Based on Shared Values
Investors are primarily individuals, as well as selected institutional investors – all carefully chosen to ensure a strong relationship required to nurture the profitable growth of ARALON’s investments. Our investors share our entrepreneurial spirit and our excitement for Eastern Europe.