High Returns
ARALON’s goal is to provide equity financing for both real estate projects and small- and medium-sized companies in Eastern Europe with high growth potential. We aim to generate a substantial value increase on the capital deployed. That is:

  • ³20% p.a. to investor in private equity
  • ³20% p.a. to investor in real estate
  • ³10% p.a. to investor in evergreen investments

Experienced, Stable Team
To reach these ambitious goals, ARALON has assembled an experienced senior team that is able to create value with regards to financing, growth and exit aspects. Team members have a profound knowledge of target industries and experience in realising growth strategies. They have known each other for a long time, which contributes to a greater sense of stability, confidence and trust.

Locally Connected
To generate a high deal flow and gain the latest knowledge of the markets, ARALON has cultivated close local networks at different levels of business, politics and administration. Good contacts, with the local administration, for instance, help our projects to get done on time and without major complications. 

Proprietary Deal Flow
ARALON proactively targets high-yield investment opportunities and analyses hundreds of opportunities that are introduced to us every year. Due to our highly selective filtering process, a mere 1-5% of opportunities result in deals. ARALON’s local networks help us identify those investment opportunities, both in private equity and in real estate. The team also regularly visits selected companies and properties, with the objective of identifying individual investment opportunities and building up a bank of future potential investment opportunities that are currently not for sale.

Adding Value Post-Deal
Prior to making a private equity investment, ARALON works with the company management to develop a detailed business plan designed to achieve performance targets. Following the investment, the company management and ARALON work together to achieve that blueprint plan. ARALON is dedicated to building a first-class management team, with aligned incentives.