ARALON invests in a broad spectrum of industries, reaping benefits from a variety of emerging investment opportunities in Eastern Europe, a market which is still underdeveloped from a private equity perspective. Our goal is to invest in a first-class portfolio of small and medium enterprises with above-average value creation potential, and to achieve an annual gross IRR of more than 30%.

Equity investments occur as part of a change of ownership, but also as expansion financing of growing companies. We commit equity capital ranging between €3-20 million. We invest in South East Europe (SEE) as the region with currently the highest growth dynamics in Europe, and Central Eastern Europe (CEE) as the region with a solid company landscape and significant potential for growth. However, our chief focus is on the Black Sea Region (BSR), where we find a good balance between stability and outstanding growth potential.

The typical investment duration is between three and five years, though sometimes longer, to fully implement growth strategies. These may involve new marketing programs, capacity investment, refined customer segmentation, new product development, new market expansion, and acquisitions. We define effective exit strategies at the outset of each project, describing the appropriate timing and method of sale required to maximize the value of our investment.

Before exiting, we ensure the future competitiveness of our investment.Portfolio companies meet the following characteristics:

  • Turnover of up to €100 million
  • Equity commitment: €3-20 million (small and mid-market buyout/expansion)
  • Type of financing
    - Majority equity up to 100%
    - Lead investor or co-investor with others, especially if equity commitment is >
    20 million
    - Minority equity (influential minority)
  • Holding period: 3–6 years

We find target companies based on our expertise of the market and local networks. These are key when operating in emerging markets, which by their very definition are fast changing, elusive environments. Knowing the region, knowing about competing investment options, and knowing how to control the risk are prerequisites for success.