ARALON is a Swiss investment and advisory company with three lines of business:

  • Private equity investments
  • Real estate investments
  • Management consulting

For private equity and real estate investments, we take the same disciplined approach of only selecting markets with sustainable growth potential, and within those markets, selecting only the most promising investment opportunities for profitable long-term growth. Having said that, each line of business requires distinct expertise.

Our private equity business benefits from a combination of our expertise in private equity transactions and our broad industrial and consulting experience, which enables us to select undervalued companies with the highest potential for top-line growth and margin expansion, and then coach those companies in our efforts towards maximizing value.

Our real estate business is built on an extensive network of local operators, who provide us with the in-depth knowledge required to select superior locations, ensure fast and flawless development of properties, and facilitate a successful release of properties within our investment targets. Since real estate values are often a product of broader industrial growth, investors who do not also invest in the local industry do not have the inside view of property values like we do, through our private equity experience.

Our management consulting business is based on our team’s extensive experience in this field totalling >50 years experience in >100 high profile projects. Our industry focus is on life sciences and capital goods including automotive. Our clients are blue chips and SME, mainly headquartered in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We cover a range of topics including product costing, turnaround management, restructuring, programme management, process optimization, post merger integration, optimization of production footprint and evaluation of investment decisions.