ARALON in Eastern Europe 

Emerging markets go through different developmental phases with different needs, and this is also true of the real estate market. Real estate investment projects always cater to the respective domestic demand of these countries.

  • Industrial, logistics and residential
  • Major cities and surroundings
  • Project volume €10m - €100m

In a real estate project, we typically acquire a suitable plot of land, demolish previous buildings, design and construct a new building, and finally sell it. We perform all these activities with the help of local partners, staying closely involved throughout the whole process.

Through our local networks, hundreds of plots of land per year are offered to us. Just as in private equity, our land funnel is highly selective, rendering only a small percentage of offers successful for negotiation and for finally acquiring a plot.

Before we start a real estate project and buy a plot of land, we conduct thorough due diligence on legal aspects, the local market and local construction regulations. The result is a land report, a legal report and a business plan. We put special emphasis on the clarification of ownership titles, feasibility, economics and required permits.



In the German-speaking countries we mainly broker industrial and logistics real estate - often as a sale- & lease-back transaction. Our network in these countries helps us to source proprietary transactions.

  • Industrial, logistics, office
  • Transaction size min. €10m
  • Tenants with sufficient financial performance