ARALON’s philosophy is to conduct high-quality investment projects with very attractive yields over time, which are achieved through profitable growth rather than financial engineering. By entering markets with sustainable growth characteristics, and by exercising discipline in selecting only the best opportunities in such markets, we are consistently able to achieve superior returns for our investors.

We differentiate ourselves from other firms in two aspects: we are entrepreneurs rather than financial managers; and we can deliver the industry experience that maximises the success of our investments.

The success of ARALON and our Eastern European investments is dependent on us being able to speak the same language as our portfolio companies, and providing intensive local support. We regard ourselves as business partners with our Eastern European portfolio companies, providing expertise, experience and a network of industry experts and senior managers. During our engagement, we prepare our portfolio companies to be transferred to a sustainable shareholder structure after exit. The same applies to our real estate projects, where we work hand in hand with local partners.